ROOT Tutorials

Written by Mike Sokoloff. Updated by Henry Schreiner.

This book is a conversion of the classic tutorial series (available here).

This is a gitbook. You can comment on any line using the plus on the far right of that line (assuming you are reading the web version, not the PDF or ebook versions). Feel free to suggest edits. You can ask to become an editor, as well.

Using UC resources

ROOT 6 is installed on UC computers. The module system1 allows quick, easy access to ROOT and other packages2. To use it, type:

uc:~ $ module load root

into your prompt once signed in to a UC computer. You can see the all available modules for your current compiler, such as ROOT 5 and CUDA, with:

uc:~ $ module avail

And you can save your loaded modules for later logins with

uc:~ $ module save

Data storage

The data for the exercises is in /data/tutorials on the UC systems. At some point, we are hoping to get permission to release some of this data for general access. The code is in the same location, or it can be obtained from GitHub. You can even use:

git clone

to download the script files to your current directory.

Not using UC resources

If you are using your own computer, you'll need to find the script that is inside the bin directory wherever you have ROOT installed. Then you need to source that file in your current terminal session:

local:~ $ source /path/to/bin/

1. LMod, if you are curious.
2. If want to save keystrokes, you can use ml instead of module or module load.

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